The Pros and Cons of Corn Oil: Is It Good for You?

by OkayHealthy

The corn oil is highly known to be healthful in human beings’ lives when used for cooking to embrace the diet. Corn oil has the nutrition needed in our bodies, so when we consume it, it helps our bodies vitamins and prevents several health problems. Corn oil can also be applied for skin and hair care for home remedies, among many other benefits. Only remember to take corn oil with some moderation to get better benefits.

Pros And Cons Of Consuming Corn Oil


1. Have Properties That Lowers Cholesterol
There are some phytosterol properties in the corn oil that are of a significant amount. They are sterol compounds that come from the sources of the plant, and their structure resembles that of cholesterol. Most plant sterols make cholesterol absorption to be reduced. It is hence better to consume nutritional corn oil at the prescribed amount since it lowers the level of cholesterol due to its phytosterols.

2. Improves Cardiovascular Health
When you consume corn oil moderately, you will find it helps the vascular system in the body. The reason is that corn oil contains PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids), which resembles the linoleic acids. The nutritionists concluded that it gives one about 8% to 10%of the total calories, which helps to improve the heart health to better. A person’s average diet contains an average of 5% calories when consuming even more fat intakes. The diet which has more PUFAs like corn oil will hence help in boosting the heart health of a person.

3. Maintains The Healthy Skin
Corn oil, when applied to the skin through a massaging process, it acts as the agent for moisturizing. It contains vitamin E and linoleic acid, which makes the surface to be softened. The corn is very gentle oil which can also be used as primary oil as lip balms, night oils, creams, and salves. Corn oil contains almost 59% of linoleic acid, and this makes it be absorbed quickly to the skin. Currently, most people prefer corn oil to apply on their skin.

4. It Supports Healthy Vision

Corn oil also contains some antioxidants like lutein and flavonoids, which help in reducing any radical activity that runs in our body system. The lutein is best for improving one’s vision health as well as preventing cataracts.

5. Helps In Lowering High Blood Pressure
The polyunsaturated fatty acids that are in the corn oil when consumed, they are best for lowering high blood pressure mostly for the ones who have hypertension problems. The fatty acids have the maximum potential ability in helping the hypertensive people so they should use it regularly. Apart from the fitness and healthiness that one possesses, it is always advisable that they consume corn oil using a moderate amount.


Corn oil can also be damaging at the moment when they are consumed in large amounts. Such disadvantages of using excess corn oil include:

1. Can Lead To Allergic Reactions

For the ones who find their body being allergic when they consume corn oil, it is better to stop using it since they can lead to some symptoms like vomiting, swollen mucous membrane, and skin rashes. Some people can end up getting anaphylaxis and asthma attacks when they consume corn oil. The reason might be because of the ingestible proteins that are found in the corn oil.

2. Can Cause Heart Problems
Corn oil contains omega-3 and omega-6, which have a highly imbalanced ratio where corn oil is more in the fats. Always remember that more than 20% of the daily allowance of fats are found in a single corn oil tablespoon. When one consumes corn oil in excessive amounts, then they might get cholesterol problems. The condition might be worse for those that already have cardiovascular issues.

3. Can Risk Prostate Cancer
From the research concerning prostate cancer, it has been found that when omega-6 is consumed in excess, it can stimulate prostrate in our bodies, which can lead to prostate cancer. One should only consume a moderate amount to avoid such issues.

4. Can Cause Toxic In Liver
Corn oil is made of several brands, and they are genetically modified so they can resist the pesticides and herbicides. When the human body receives corn oil, which is genetically modified, they might experience toxicity in their livers. However, that toxicity level depends on the consumption rate of genetically modified corn oil. It is, therefore, safe to keep the required amount not to increase liver toxicity.

The corn oil, despite having cons, it is still safe in the human body since it prevents many health problems. What matters is the nutrition inputted in the body. It should be taken at the moderated amount so that we can keep our bodies fit and avoid its disadvantages. Corn oil is, therefore, still safe for human body consumption.

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