How to Stay Awake Without Caffeine

by OkayHealthy
how to stay awake without caffeine

With the constant environmental changes going on around us, we have progressively begun to change our lifestyle to benefit not only the environment but ourselves. There are countless articles on how to lead a healthier life and how we can change our habits and actions so that it impacts the world around us in a positive way. I’m sure most of us have adopted one way or another of changing our behavior or habits for a better lifestyle, but who have considered leading a caffeine-free way of living for a better outcome?

Let’s analyze this. Most of us are addicted to at least one form of an energy booster, the most common one being coffee. However, coffee is not the only product containing caffeine. We all know the entire Coca-Cola brand contains this natural stimulant, but it can also be found in tea, chocolate, tablets and who knows how many other beverages out there. Nonetheless, we all consume these products to give ourselves alertness and even a mild state of euphoria. Many have become addicted to it, and getting rid of such an addiction is difficult, but not impossible.

Like any addiction, caffeine addiction is also drug addiction, meaning that long-term, it can affect our body and lifestyle in a negative way, even if momentarily it can boost our energy and keep us active for longer than we would have been without it. There are methods that can be implemented in daily life that can be chosen to create solid health habits, eliminating caffeine completely.

One change that can be made is waking up slightly earlier than usual. I know it sounds tough, even brutal for some, but giving yourself an extra 30 minutes per day to yourself and your morning routine, can be a life-saver. In those thirty minutes, you can do any of the below-mentioned actions that can be caffeine replacements, along with doing them additionally later in the day. Or you can choose to sleep in if you had an extra-long night-shift.

Healthy Lifestyle

Another change that you can make to boost your energy levels is to start eating healthier. Regardless if you’re already watching your diet or not, replacing caffeine with healthy snacks is a completely different topic. There are several foods that are considered energy boosters and that you can consume early in the morning instead of coffee, such as bananas (high levels of carbohydrates, potassium and vitamin B6), sweet potatoes (high in fiber, vitamin A and are being slowly digested giving you energy for a longer time), eggs (full of protein and vitamin B which helps the process of breaking down food for energy), as well as apples, goji berries, yogurt, oranges, green tea, beets and let’s not forget water. Water is essential for all life as we know it, but water is helping us not only keep our normal bodily functions but also keeps our level of fatigue at bay by providing us with the necessary energy supply.

Reading is another way of creating a better lifestyle away from caffeine. How? Most of us are stuck in 9 to 5 jobs with a monotonous routine that keeps our mind and body quite still during the day. What most of us forget is that we all need regular breaks in the routine in order to relax our psyche and escape the threat of leading a boring life. Now, I’m not saying your job is boring or that you don’t love it. What I am trying to underline is the need of taking regular pauses, stretch, take a walk, maybe enjoy a couple of pages or chapters in the little greenery outside the office. Just take a breather. You will feel its benefits later.

Of course, a very common way of getting rid of caffeine, and a method used by many successful non-caffeine-drinkers, is working out regularly. This can mean going to the gym, going for a jog, taking a bike ride or even just doing a bunch of chores that include some exercise. This seems exhausting at first sight, but exercising has benefits both on a physical and a mental level. It has been shown that exercising is directly linked with decreasing feelings of depression and anxiety and increasing the mood. It was also shown through studies that it can increase the energy levels and reduce risks of chronic diseases among other benefits.

how to stay awake without caffeine

I’m sure there are several other ways of combating caffeine, however, these would be the most common and healthy methods of reducing the drug intake. What is your method of getting rid of caffeine and leading a better, healthier lifestyle?

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